My Keto

Welcome to My Keto

My Keto is a much needed keto snack company and is Ireland’s first. Our aim at My Keto is not only to bring you keto snacks but to also bring you natural ones.

The problem with most keto products is that it doesn’t matter what ingredients go into them it as long as the result is that they’re low in net carbs and high in fat. Most keto products are loaded with bad fats and awful artifical sweetners that will damage your health in the long run. At My Keto we use natural sweeteners like Xylitol, good fats like 100% Irish butter and 100% natural nut butter

Try freezing our products when you order. They only soft freeze so you can literally eat them straight from the freezer. We think they might taste even better frozen

Keep an eye on our social media pages and as we'll be releasing more products very soon

We also have a variety of sugar, gluten and dairy free snack options, which you can check here at 6PackSnacks.

Our Featured Products

All of our products are prepared in small batches to provide you the highest quality snacks, give them the attention to detail you deserve and give them a homemade look and feel.

We're now delighted to offer our customers a new monthly subscription service that will gives you 25% off your month's supply and free shipping

There is a minimum order of 28 snacks (one for each day over 4 weeks) at an average price of €2.25 per snack which equates to €63 per month. You can add more than 28 if you like. You also may opt in and out when you like if there's a month when you can't commit.

Please note that unless you email us with any changes to your selection of snacks we will automatically repeat your order and send the same as the previous month.